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The connection is that a William Jordan had a daughter who married into the Emmett family, and William’s mother was Minnie Marie Jordan nee Badelier.

A good place to start is France, with brothers Emile and Eugene born there during the mid-nineteenth century, sons of Achille Badelier and Charlotte Fowle, which appears to be a family with good resources, and family connections to the UK. The brothers end up at Yangon (Rangoon) in Myanmar (Burma), but whilst there was an opportunity, heartbreak often occurred.

In December of 1873 Eugene married Jeannette Agnes Jefferson, and currently I know of two children, but sadly Emile Edward was born premature and died the following day, and Elizabeth Henrietta died the following year after her birth. Jeanette, Eugene’s wife sadly died at the age of twenty-four, a few months after her daughter Elizabeth.

I am currently unable to find a marriage record for Eugene and Lucy (Lucie). Lucy was likely born in Myanmar, and I’ve found documentation for eight children with Eugene. Though due to the era, people often died young, such as from cholera, there is a good chance that some of their children also died young.

However one of the children was Minnie Marie, who married a William Jordan, and their children are the connections to the Bowers, Emmett, Joslyn and O’Neill families. Another daughter, was Catherine Ida, and she married Joseph Irving Craik, and Jennie her sister married Henry Duncan Wilson.

A photo of the inside of an old passport
Inside Minnie Marie Jordan nee Badelier’s passport.

It appears that Eugene had various jobs during this period, and I’ve seen entries for a boat agent, working for the Irrawaddy Valley State Railway and being a trader.

Emile Henry Achille Badelier (Eugene’s brother) worked with his Uncle Edward Fowle, and his occupation at the time of marriage to Annie Reid was ‘distiller’, and Edward Fowle’s Will, informs us that Emile was a partner in the distillery business.

I’m not certain whether Emile or Eugene, but in ‘The Homeward Mail’ publication dated 26th May 1880, the following was written ‘Badelier, E. : appt. as acting consul for Siam at Rangoon, during abs. of E. Fowle is confd.’

Before marrying Emile, Annie was widowed, and I’ve seen records for three children, but there is at least a fourth, as I’m in contact with a distant cousin who is descended from that line. Sadly Emile died aged forty-one and the cause of death is listed as ‘effusion of serum on the brain’.

I’ve spent considerable time finding information in records, which is what the above is based upon. I have records for other badelier(s) in Myanmar (and elsewhere) and will update this page in the future. I’m also in contact with distant cousins and hope we can help each other find out further details.

Last updated: 24th October 2020

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