Bowyer → Price → Trollope → Murphy → Jordan → Emmett

Let’s start with Thomas Bowyer, who married Ann Hill (father John) in 1864. They had four children: Kate Mary, Sidney Herbert, Henry Ernest and Alice.

At the age of ten, Thomas moved a short distance from Bradford Leigh, Wiltshire to work for Abraham Bowyer and later Abraham’s son Elijah, as a grocer in Trowbridge for thirty years. Then Tom went into business with his son Sidney, as ‘T. Bowyer and Son’.

Abraham’s line of the Bowyer family are famous for pork pies, and it is likely Thomas is a relative, but I’ve not found the exact connection yet between them.

Thomas’s connection to the Emmett family, is a distant link via Sidney, as he married Rosina Price, a great-aunt of my grandmother (Jordan), and she spent time with the Bowyer family as a child.

Sadly Tom and Ann’s daughter Alice, who was a dressmaker died young, and upon Sidney’s death the ‘T. Bowyer and Son’ business was run by Sidney’s nephew, a W. Lambdin (son of Kate).

At Sidney’s funeral I know that at least two Price and a Trollope (likely being Andrew Trollope) family members were present, and the floral tribute from Sidney’s wife included ‘In loving memory of my beloved husband, from his heartbroken wife, “Thy will be done”.’

Sidney’s sister Kate was a Wollen Cloth Worker Burler in 1881, and his brother Henry was a commercial clerk in 1891 and in 1924 worked for the Great Western Railway.

Both Sidney’s funeral and the diamond wedding of his parents later in 1924, were provided considerable column space in The Wiltshire Times.

The precise connection to the Emmett family is a grandmother Doris Jordan nee Murphy, and Doris’s grandmother is Sarah Ann Trollope nee Price, whose sister is Rosina Bowyer nee Price.

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