Jordan → Emmett

The connection is that a William Jordan born 1919, is the father of a daughter that married into the Emmett family.

Let’s start in 1858 at Carlisle in Cumberland and a William Jordan is born, and in 1901 he is living with his wife Mary Jane at 3 Aynam Place, Nether Graveship in Kendal, Westmorland in England. At the time of the census he is a house painter, and they have ten children living with them. Two of the children work in a woollen mill, another two work at a boot factory, with the rest being too young to work.

He names one of his sons William, who was born in 1895 in Kendal. During WWI, William (b 1895) is in Pyin Oo Lwin, Myanmar (Formerly Maymyo, Burma), and is a Lance Corporal in the 1-4 Borders Regiment, and on the 13th January 1918 marries Minnie Marie Badelier.

During the war, William is shot, but survives. Minnie and William have four children, and keeping with tradition, name one of their two sons William, who is born in 1919 in Myanmar.

Their son William, travels to the UK for education and attends Salesian College in Farnborough, Hampshire, and is still there after the outbreak of WW2. William signs up and joins the RAF, flying various planes, including the Spitfire.

Part of a WW2 RAF Uniform
Part of William Jordan’s WW2 RAF uniform

Whilst in the RAF he meets a Doris Murphy who is the WAAF, and they are married on the 1st May 1945. At the time of marriage, William was living in Hanwell, England and Doris was in Swansea, Wales.

After the war, William and Doris have four children and name one William Neville, but sadly he died whilst still a baby. His brother would later have a grandson, called William.

William (born 1919) becomes an accountant, and Doris works in the property sector, and together they would buy and let flats in a building at Ealing.

William (born 1895) was an engineer after the war, and later would move in with his son at Hanwell, and then onto a nursing home.

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