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The Price family is connected to the Emmett family via a maternal line.

Sarah is the great-grandmother of an Emmett. A family bible believed to have been started by Sarah Ann Trollope nee Price, has been passed down over a few generations via the maternal line to the Emmett family. You can read details about Sarah’s family and daughter on the Trollope page.

James Price (b 1838 Wiltshire, England) and his wife Charlotte Price nee Cox (b 1844) in 1871 lived at St Thomas Street, St Cuthbert Out, Wells, Somerset in England, with their children John (b 1862), Sarah Ann (b 1864), Rosa (b 1868) and Frank (b 1871). The 1881 census shows new additions to the family: Ellen (b 1873), Charles (b 1876), James (b 1878) and Thomas (b 1880). The family expanded even more by 1891 with Alice (b 1883) and Frederick (b 1886). James was a labourer at a local Paper Mill, which his son John also worked at. Sarah and Ellen had their occupations recorded as being Laundress. Charley and James were labourers in 1891.

Also living in St Thomas Street, Wells (England) was the Trollope family, and Sarah Ann Price married Andrew Trollope (b 1865). It’s likely that the next generation of Price and Trollope families found themselves living in the same street, but this time not in England, but in Wales. In 1901 Sarah and Andrew are living at 25 Fullers Row, Swansea. The WWI records for Sarah’s brother Charley, mentions his wife Rose and children are living at 21 Fullers Row in Swansea, where Charley and his wife Rose still lived in 1939.

A photo of the Trollope family bible
A photo of the Trollope family bible showing entries for Andrew Trollope and Sarah Ann Trollope nee Price. These entries were likely written by Sarah Ann Trollope.

Charley, also known as Charles Cox Price (named after his grandfather on his mother’s side), was born on the 29th August 1875 in Wells, Somerset and his wife Rose Williams, was born in Glamorgan, Swansea on the 18th February 1883. Before Charley and Rose moved to Fullers Row, in 1911 they lived at 3 Pleasant Street, Swansea, along with their children Charley (b 1905), Tom (b 1907) and Gladys (b 1909). I’ve also found a son Jack, who was born on the 5th June 1914. There is also a fifth child, which I’ve not located yet.

Moving from Wells to Wales, and living in same streets are not the only similarities that the Price and Trollope families share. Both Andrew (b 1865) and Charley (b 1876) were military men before serving in WWI and both worked for the Post Office, as did Andrew’s daughter May and Charley’s son Jack. At the time of WWI, Charley was 39 years old and during WWI he was promoted three times. He served with the Royal Engineers and his service number is 56912.

Charley’s pre-WWI military records still exist and we know he signed up for military service on the 2nd June 1894 and joined the Somerset Light Infantry, 13th Regiment and served abroad in India and South Africa, as well as being stationed in Britain.

Back in Wells, Somerset, Thomas Henry Price (Charley’s brother), ran The Crown Hotel for many years and on Friday 17th February 1950, The Wells Journal (local newspaper) published an article titled ‘Licensee for Fifty Years’, subtitled ‘Mr. T.H. Price’s 50th Application’. The local Mayor ‘congratulated Mr. Price on his very long and splendid record as a licence-holder’.

Thomas (b 1879) was active in the local community, and played bowls (ref Wells Journal 3rd Dec 1943) and in 1938 was the chairman of the ‘Wells and District Skittles League’ (ref The Wells Journal 27th May 1938).

Thomas married Mary (b 1881 Edmonton, Middlesex) and they had a son Wilfred John Price (b 1900 Bristol, Gloucestershire). Wilfred was employed as a car driver by Swan Garage on the High Street in Wells (ref: Somerset and West of England Advertiser 27th July 1917). Sadly in 1921 it was reported that Wilfred had died. Wilfred was only 21 years old at the time of death.

I’ve still got research and leads to follow-up, but you can read more about Thomas and his family on the Crown’s web page.

I’ve not finished researching the Price family and please expect this page to be updated in the future.

Last updated: 24th October 2020

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