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The connection is that a Catherine Craik nee Badelier is the sister of Minnie Marie Jordan nee Badelier and one of Minnie’s granddaughters married into the Emmett family.

Joseph Craik was born 6th June 1890 at 5 Wilton Drive, Glasgow and his parents are James Craik and Jane Craik nee Tinning, who were married at Dumfries in August 1887.

Joseph Craik married Catherine Badelier at Yangon, Myanmar in 1923. Catherine (Kitty) was 28 and Joseph was 33 years old. Kitty’s sister Minnie and her husband William were two witnesses.

It is believed that from right to left on the bottom row is Jennie Badelier, Minnie Marie, William Jordan, Catherine Craik, Joseph Craik and Moira Jordan. On the top row wearing a bow tie is another William Jordan (father to the William, a child in the bottom row). This photo has been enhanced. The photo was kindly provided by Pam McInnes and used on this website with permission.

During WW2 Kitty and Joe fled the country (called Burma at the time) and a record for Joseph’s evacuation in 1942 lists an address in India as C/o Turner Morrison, 6 Lyons Range, Calcutta.

It is believed that Kitty travelled separately from Joseph to England and later they settled at 105 Church Road in Richmond. Joseph and Kitty’s children are Cecile, Christopher, Jamie and Jean.

On the 18th December 1960 Joseph Craik, aged 71 died of heart failure and hypertension. Sadly Catherine Craik nee Badelier was killed in a hit and run car incident in March 1961.

In her younger years Cecile was a nurse and in later years helped youngsters near to where she lived in Wokingham, England. Sadly in January 1997 she died and didn’t hear about a Wokingham Civic Award for her support work. The award was collected by her nephew.

In June 1963 Christopher Craik married Barbara A Salmon in the Huntingdon district and together they had three children. The son of Christopher and Barbara Craik was a page boy at the wedding of a Jordan to an Emmett.

Jamie Eugene Craik served with the military, travelled (was in Australia during 1968) and died in in the Fulham district of England in 1985.

Jean lived in Irvine, Scotland with family and attended a convent school, later living in London, New York and Baton Rouge and was an accountant.

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